Roblox Redeem Code December 2022 Free Promo code and Gift Card

Roblox Redeem Code April 2022 Free Promo code and Gift Card:If you’re looking for Roblox redeem codes or Roblox gift card codes, you’ve come to the right place! A Roblox promo code is easy to get more free money without spending any real money. These codes can be redeemed from any location, and there are hundreds to choose from. However, it would be best to be careful when you find them. Beware of scams that promise you things that aren’t true. This can put your account at risk and prevent you from progressing.

Where to find Active Roblox Redeem Codes

Having too many Roblox promo codes can be a major inconvenience. The best place to find Roblox redeem codes is with us. We have a Roblox promo code list that is valid for a certain time. Once you have a code, you need to redeem it. The codes are usually valid for a few days or weeks, and you will have to use them within a certain period.

While it can be frustrating to find codes that aren’t currently active, you can usually find a list of them that will work for you. Sometimes a Roblox gift card code redeemed by others will not work for you. Once you find a list of codes that work, it’s a simple matter of copying them to your account. Once you have your redeem code, log in to the site and go to the promo codes page. Enter the code into the box, and the items you’d like to purchase will automatically be added to your Roblox account.

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roblox redeem code

Roblox Redeem Code April 2022 Overview

GameRoblox online games
Game DeveloperRoblox Corporation
DevicesAndroid, IOS, PC, Xbox one
Promo codes statusMultiple Redeem Codes are Available
BenefitsGet free Robux, hat, t-shirt, pants, shoulder accessories, backpack, hairs, clothes, headphones, pet, gun skin, mask, outfit, Diamonds, many more
Free items methodPromo codes, Gift cards, Events, Promotionals, Avatar shop, giveaways
Article TypeTech News
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Roblox promo codes April Not Expired 2022

The current Roblox redeem codes are:

  • ROSSMANNCROWN2021 – Crown of electrifying guitars
  • MERCADOLIBREFEDORA2021 – White flamingo fedora
  • TARGETMINTHAT2021 – Peppermint hat
  • AMAZONFRIEND2021 – Snowy friend
  • SMYTHSCAT2021 – King Tab hat
  • CARREFOURHOED2021 – Pasta hat
  • KROGERDAYS2021 – Golf shades
  • ROBLOXEDU2021 – Dev Deck
  • SPIDERCOLA – Spider Cola shoulder pet
  • TWEETROBLOX – The Bird Says shoulder pet

Roblox Redeem Code Island Move

The following codes must be redeemed in the Island of Move lobby.

  • StrikeAPose – Hustle Hat
  • DIY – Kinetic Staff
  • WorldAlive – Crystalline Companion
  • SettingTheStage – Build it Backpack
  • VictoryLap – Cardio Cans
  • GetMoving – Speedy Shades

Mansion of Wonder promo codes

These promotional coupons must be used at the Swag Booth within the Build It, Play It: Mansion of Wonder.

  • ParticleWizard – Tomes of the Magus shoulders
  • FXArtist – Artist Backpack
  • Boardwalk – Ring of Flames waist
  • ThingsGoBoom – Ghastly Aura waist
  • Glimmer – Head Slime accessory

You can also obtain Roblox redeem codes by playing the Nikeland game, the NFL store game, and the Fashion Awards 2021 game.

Roblox New Events & Free items Redeem codes

Roblox new clothes: an unnecessary luxury

Players can build their games on Roblox, a free online platform established by the Roblox Corporation. Playing games made by other players is also possible, and Roblox emphasises character customisation. Spending Robux on a new wardrobe seems like an unnecessary luxury for some people.  

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Roblox Redeem Code for April Not Expired

Some of the working codes are as follows:

  1. coinsbaby: 500 Coins
  2. YAY: 2,000 Happiness
  3. gems: 250 Gems
  4. Xmas:200 Snowflakes
  5. snow:50 Snowflakes
  6. snowing:150 Snowflakes
  7. gem20: 20 Gems
  8. HappierBaby: 50 Happiness
  9. 10mvisits:100 Gems
  10. gemazing:100 Gems
  11. waawaa: 50 Gems
  12. gem50: 50 Gems
  13. 100kfavs:25 Gems
  14. gem20:20 Gems
  15. update2: 200 Coins
  16. space: 100 Coins
  17. Twitter2:100 Coins
  18. zzz:100 Coins
  19. richbaby:2500 Coins
  20. Twitter1:50 Coins
  21. launch: 50 Coins
  22. marsbaby:200 Happiness
  23. 5mvisits:200 Happiness
  24. mamma:100 Happiness
  25. happierbaby: 50 Happiness
  26. secretcode: 50 Happiness
  27. happybaby: 50 Happiness
  28. talkingbaby: 50 Happiness
  29. dadda: 100 Happiness
  30. yum: 25 Peppermints
  31. candyland:10 Peppermint
  32. tokens:50 Orange Tokens
  33. blastoff: 25 Orange Tokens
  34. mars:10 Orange Tokens

So, What’s the solution?

Many artists and firms use Roblox to promote and release new products. You can easily gather free clothes and avatar accessories by visiting the Roblox event area, whose direct URL is also published on this website, so keep an eye out for these announcements.

Suppose you visit the Roblox avatar shop area or click the link below each event. In that case, you’ll be redirected to the official Roblox avatar store, where you need to click the “GET” Button then the prize will be instantly added to your account. Roblox official store:

This is the list of events and items that are particularly released on special occasions or by promotional companies:

Event/ Items NameFree Rewards/ ItemsItems/ Event direct link
EVENT: The Winter Escape by Ralph LaurenFree Roblox avatar itemsClick Here
EVENT: The Fashion Awards 2021Free item from the Fashion Awards 2021 CollectionClick Here
EVENT: NIKELAND experienceNike Backpack and Nike Cap!Click Here
EVENT: Tai Verdes Concert ExperienceSunshine Backpack, Shady Circle Glasses, Tie-Dye Shirt, Pants,and Tie-Dye VisorClick Here
ITEM: Zara Larsson Tour Lanyardpink pajama set and CD backpack,Accessory | NeckClick Here
EVENT: Chipotle Boorito MazeChipotle Foil Bucket Hat, Chipotle Hat, Chipotle Guac Cup Headphones, Chipotle Napkin CapeClick Here
EVENT: Roblox Luobu Event | Transformation Nightcollect shining balls and collect various rewardsClick Here
ITEM: Pumpkin Black Cat Shoulder PalPumpkin Black Cat Shoulder PalClick Here
ITEM: Pumpkin PatchPumpkin PatchClick here

Roblox Free Virtual Items

If you’re looking to capture some free stuff, there are quite a few cosmetics you can find in the catalogue that can be had for free! Here’s a list of some of the stuff you can get for your character.

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Face Accessories







How to use Roblox Redeem code on

Follow these steps to redeem the Roblox Promo code:

  • Copy any working Roblox promo code from this page first, and then open the Roblox Promo code Page on your PC or mobile browser. 
  • Enter the promo code in the redemption empty text form, and a reward will be applied to your account immediately. 
  • Relaunch the game and set the prizes on your Character ID. 
Official websiteClick here


When will new Roblox Redeem codes be available? 

We seldom know when a new code will be published, and it’s mostly random, and they’re usually released via Roblox’s social media. If I had to put a number on it, I’d say we get one code every couple of months. Several events and milestones have resulted in extra promo codes or virtual items, although this is quite unusual. 

Can you acquire Robux by using promo codes? 

No, you cannot obtain Robux using promotional codes such as these. There are no Robux promo codes available, and there aren’t many legitimate ways to get Robux for free unless you enter a giveaway or contest. 
The vast majority of persons or websites claiming to have Robux to give free are scammers attempting to acquire some information from you to make it worthwhile. This is just encouraging you to visit their website or watch their video for views/ad money. Some scams are also after your Roblox account or personal information. 

How long do promo codes last? 

It depends on the code; sometimes, they last a long time. Several codes on the list have been around for what feels like an eternity. Most of the time, I’d guess they’re only available for about 30 days. You won’t want to miss out if you redeem any new codes you come across straight immediately.

Do not believe any third-party websites that promise to provide you with free Robux.