“Mission Start Ab”: Amazon Prime Video launches new reality series to support ambitious Indian startups

Mission Start Ab is India’s answer to the wildly successful American business reality TV show Shark Tank, in which would-be business owners present their ideas to investors known as “sharks.”

The seven-part reality show will highlight the rise of grassroots innovators. Three investors are featured in this upcoming Prime Video show as they look for the next unicorn in the United States.

Amazon’s streaming service Prime Video announces ‘Mission Start Ab’

The seven-part series will profile innovative Indian businesspeople attempting to bring their products to market and create positive social and economic change. It will follow them as they seek finance for their businesses and encounter various challenges along the way.

Vice President of Public Policy at Amazon, Chetan Krishnaswamy, said that Mission Start Ab would bolster the government’s ‘Startup India’ campaign since it would inspire many people to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors. Ajay Kumar Sood, India’s principal scientific adviser, is confident that the country’s grassroots innovators will benefit from Mission Start Ab’s emphasis on sustainable startup techniques and its ability to attract investors with the necessary resources.

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In this original web series set in India, three prominent investors will put ten startup founders through their paces with a series of tests and simulations designed to evaluate their business acumen, management prowess, interpersonal skills, and ability to handle a crisis.

Alia Bhatt, who wears several hats as an actor, entrepreneur, and investor, recently spoke out about the need to encourage and nurture new business owners. Koimoi says Mission Start Ab is perfect for showcasing India’s unique culture of invention and indigenous inventors, and she commended Prime Video India and the Office of PSA for launching the program to help ambitious business owners.

Amazon’s Vice President – Public Policy Chetan Krishnaswamy and Principal Scientific Adviser Ajay Kumar Sood launched the web series

Despite facing harsh criticism from mom-and-pop store owners and a recent financing winter that has hurt startups like Byju’s, Amazon continues to forge on. Recent meetings between CEO Andy Jassy and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his US trip indicate a thawing of relations and support for the company’s goal of bringing more small businesses and artisans onto its platform in India, and the office responsible for shaping national tech policy has an advisory role on a new reality show called “Mission Start Ab.”

Ten Indian startup founders will soon face various obstacles as they try to expand their businesses and raise the capital they need to realize their vision of creating positive social and economic change through their creations.

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In this Made-in-India series, three well-known investors will test the mettle of India’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs by putting them through various business-related challenges. Alia Bhatt and Principal Scientific Advisor Ajay Kumar Sood spoke at the inaugural ceremony, and they emphasized the show’s focus on encouraging and supporting entrepreneurs instead of pitting them against each other.

‘Mission Start Ab’ aims to inspire and empower entrepreneurs

Three anonymous investors are introduced in Amazon’s new seven-part series “Start Now,” which follows their search for India’s next unicorn. After years of struggles, during which local shop owners accused Amazon of aggressive techniques, Amazon thinks this move will reframe its Indian business narrative. However, antitrust concerns remain among the many pressing problems they must address right now.

The presentation is the first of its kind and was created in collaboration with the corporation and the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser. Ten India-based startups will be put through a series of challenging simulations and games meant to test their mettle as entrepreneurs, managers, and crisis responders.

According to a statement released by Chetan Krishnaswamy, the series is meant to promote entrepreneurship and help the government’s ‘Startup India’ program. Principal Scientific Advisor Ajay Kumar Sood remarked that in addition to delighting viewers, it will provide them with possibilities for excellent learning. Alia Bhatt, an actress, said Mission Start Ab may have “far-reaching effects on India’s growing startup ecosystem.” Prime Video and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting signed an engagement letter last month.

‘Mission Start Ab’ is a game-changer

This seven-part series will feature a wide range of ambitious business owners showcasing cutting-edge “Made in India” inventions and discussing their expansion plans. The candidates will participate in a rigorous simulation meant to assess their business acumen, leadership skills, interpersonal communication, and ability to handle a crisis.

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An original web series produced by Amazon India and the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor of India’s Ministry of Science & Technology aims to encourage people to pursue careers in business. Amazon India’s VP of Public Policy, Chetan Krishnaswamy, remarked that the series would help the government’s Startup India program by getting more entrepreneurs to come forward and tell their stories. Ajay Kumar Sood, the company’s principal scientific advisor, remarked on how the initiative would benefit budding entrepreneurs by exposing them to new ideas and providing them with insight into sustainable startup procedures that would pique the interest of potential investors.

Amazon hopes its groundbreaking reality show will help change how people in India view the company, which has been the target of criticism from small business owners and government officials. In addition, this program can potentially boost investor confidence just as the Indian startup economy experiences a fundraising winter.

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