Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, Weapon , Server Key, Battle Pass Download Link

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, Weapon ,Server Key, Battle Pass Download Link::With the release of Season 4, Chapter 3 of Fortnite, players have access to a slew of new environments, gameplay elements, and loot to experiment with. However, the game’s lethal array of weaponry is the primary tool you’ll use in the battle royale experience, and those have also been updated for the new season. We have gathered a list of every weapon that has been vaulted this season and a list of every weapon that has been unvaulted or introduced to the game this season. Find more about all the latest weaponry in Fortnite’s third season.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass

As the season progresses, additional firearms will be introduced and unlocked, but in Chapter 3, you acquire not one but two:

  1. Enhanced Chrome Shotgun
  2. Burst Rifle, EvoChrome

These two firearms are genuinely one-of-a-kind in the game, and their rarity increases as you use them. They’ll begin as Uncommon, but the more you use them to defeat your foes, the better they’ll get, all the way up to Mythic. This is unquestionably a high-risk, high-reward move for competitive players aiming to maximise their resources.

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4
Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Fortnite New items Season 4

These new and returning offensive weapons are joined this season by a handful of new treasure items, such as Chrome Splash, Port-A-Bunkers, and unique vault Keys, which may be found sprinkled throughout the island. Please find out more about the changes to the maps in Season 4 and where to look for Keys in Fortnite in Chapter 3 of our comprehensive guide!

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To learn more about Fortnite’s fourth season, “Paradise.” read this guide covering Chapter 3.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Skins

The cryptic yet interconnected clues over the past couple of weeks gave us insight into what to anticipate from Chapter 3, Season 4, in contrast to the previous season when we knew almost nothing.

To begin, there is the Paradise motif. The unveiling is backed by three viral videos that, despite promising beginnings, show them swiftly engulfed by a metal-like material, suggesting that this topic is more dangerous than it initially appears.

A definition, please. The Fortnite Twitter account further teased the name of this material, which looks to be “chrome,” with the lines “It consumes everything,” “Free them,” and “You might be next.”

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Skins from Fortnite’s Chapter 3 of the Season 4 Battle Pass, including the Meow Skulls and the Herald1 (Reality-659)

The Paradigm skin was the first to be shown from the Battle Pass. If a player purchases the Battle Pass, they will have access to Paradigm instantly (Reality-659). As well as the standard, the outfit may be modified in six more ways.

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Brie Larson

Previously seen only in teaser trailers, Brie Larson has made her official debut in the role of Paradigm in a new edit-style trailer (unmasked). There are a total of three unique outfits and three unique liveries.

Lennox Rose

In Fortnite: Season 4, Chapter 3, only Lexxon Rose has a cel-shaded costume like those seen in anime. The character wears a coat over a crop top and shorts, and she has two other edit options in addition to the default.

Lennox’s clothes and hair colour are altered with each alternative cut. The costume is rounded with a pair of harvesting daggers and some bunny-themed back jewellery.


The third chapter of the Season 4 Battle Pass for Fortnite includes a pay-to-win outfit. The Twyn skin is innovative since it allows gamers to choose between male and female characters.

Both versions of the costume are available, each with its unique edit style. The guy wears a camouflage shroud and combats boots, while the female wears a shirt and skirt with a collar.


The long-awaited Gwen Stacy skin is now available in Fortnite as part of Chapter 3 of the Season 4 Battle Pass, and she is the only Marvel character to do so.

The character uses the Spider-standard verse’s design language and has one alternative editing style. Spider-Gwen may be the tier 100 skin, as she appears in the editing style without her mask.


Grriz is a grizzly bear-inspired character. You won’t find a more varied ensemble in Fortnite: Season 4, Chapter 3.

Grriz is the only skin in the Battle Pass to include a bear cub for a torso and an “X” mark for one eye, both of which are subtle references to the Peace Syndicate. The bear cub’s design is cel-shaded, and it’s possible to alter its appearance using edit styles; the clothing may also be rendered in various ways beyond the default.

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The name Bytes was released earlier, but no one was familiar with the character. Because of the black overalls he’s wearing; his outfit has a punk vibe. The outfit includes four distinct edit styles and a reasonably good appearance.

In addition, there is a white “X” on the skin, denoting the character’s membership in the Peace Syndicate. A printed anarchy emblem on the back bling gives the ensemble a punk vibe.

Meow Skulls

Players have an excellent notion of the default aesthetic thanks to the leak of the Meow Skulls costume. Inspired by the popular Meowscles, this version of the cat is slender and dark.

The set includes the bag, the skull hat, and another editing style. The Moew Skulls long-sleeve t-shirt has an additional layer of printed long sleeves.

The Herald

Unlocking the Herald skin, part of Chapter 3 of the Season 4 Battle Pass, will happen later in the season.

The Bloomwatcher was first alluded to in Chapter 3 of Season 3. The ensemble has no edit style, and the supplementary makeup is reminiscent of that found in the video game Reality Tree. According to rumours, Hearld will play a pivotal part in the plot.

Epic Games has only hinted at a few Battle Pass goodies, like a Spider-Gwen skin, but the others remain a mystery. Spider-hand Gwen may be seen in the image above, which is only one of several photographs shown as a tease. Since Spider-Gwen will be involved, the web shooters may also make a comeback.

In addition, the fourth season will contain an altogether Chrome character, a Remixed Paradigm, and Emo Meowscles. Battle Passes, though, have 100 levels, so there’s still a lot we don’t know. Nonetheless, there will be a lot for gamers to acquire this year.

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