UEFA Champions League 2022 Fixtures, Table, Standings, Results,Winners, Live & Teams

UEFA Champions League 2022 Fixtures,Table, Standings, Results,Winners,Live & Teams::-As the knockout stages begin, some teams will start to formally secure their berths, while others will be eliminated mathematically. If Liverpool and Napoli win their respective Group A matches, they will move to the knockout stage. If Real Madrid wins their match, they will also advance.

Other noteworthy matches include Inter vs Barcelona and Maccabi Haifa vs Juventus, both of which are desperate for victories. As one of Tottenham Hotspur’s main rivals, Eintracht Frankfurt will present a tough test for Antonio Conte and company at home. On the other hand, the matches between Milan and Chelsea and Celtic and RB Leipzig will also be quite significant.

Group rankings and individual match results for Matchday 4 will be posted here when they become available.

Champions League Group Stage Tiebreakers

  • Here is the complete list of official UEFA Champions League group stage tiebreakers:
  • Tally of wins and losses from group play among the teams mentioned above
  • Has a better goal differential from their group matches than the other clubs in question.
  • Number of goals scored by each side in its group matches
  • Better than average goal differential across all group games
  • Total number of goals scored in entire group play
  • Goals were scored in every group encounter away from home.
  • Group stage victories
  • All group games were won on the road.
  • punishment points tallied exclusively for yellow and red cards
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UEFA Club Coefficient

There is a slight variation to the tiebreaker procedures if three or more teams are still tied after applying tiebreakers 1-3 and one or more of those teams are separated. Only then would tiebreakers 4-10 be used for the remaining teams.

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Champions League Table, Fixtures 2022/23

There will be a round of 16 consisting of the top two finishers from each group. Teams who finish third in the league will be eligible to participate in the Europa League’s quarterfinals.

The winning team receives three points, the losing team receives one point, and a tie results in no points for either team. Suppose two or more teams finish the group stage with the same number of points. In that case, the tournament’s official rules stipulate a series of tiebreakers, beginning with goal difference and progressing through goals scored in games involving the tied teams.

UEFA Champions League 2022
UEFA Champions League 2022

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UEFA Champions League 2022 POINTS TABLE

Group A Table

1. Napoli9330013211
2. Liverpool63210550
3. Ajax Amsterdam3312068-2
4. Rangers0303009-9

Group A Schedule

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DateMatchTime (BST / ET)
Wed, Sept. 7Ajax 4, Rangers 0
Wed, Sept. 7Napoli 4, Liverpool 1
Tue, Sept. 13Liverpool 2, Ajax 1
Wed, Sept. 14Rangers 0, Napoli 3
Tue, Oct. 4Ajax 1, Napoli 6
Tue, Oct. 4Liverpool 2, Rangers 0
Wed, Oct. 12Napoli vs. Ajax17:45 / 12:45
Wed, Oct. 12Rangers vs. Liverpool20:00 / 15:00
Wed, Oct. 26Ajax vs. Liverpool20:00 / 15:00
Wed, Oct. 26Napoli vs. Rangers20:00 / 15:00
Tue, Nov. 1Liverpool vs. Napoli20:00 / 16:00
Tue, Nov. 1Rangers vs. Ajax20:00 / 16:00

Group B Table

1. Club Brugge93300707
2. Bayer Leverkusen3312023-1
3. Porto3312036-3
4. Atletico Madrid3312025-3

Group B Schedule

DateMatchTime (BST / ET)
Wed, Sept. 7Atletico Madrid 2, Porto 1
Wed, Sept. 7Club Brugge 1, Bayer Leverkusen 0
Tue, Sept. 13Porto 0, Club Brugge 4
Tue, Sept. 13Bayer Leverkusen 2, Atletico Madrid 0
Tue, Oct. 4Club Brugge 2, Atletico Madrid 0
Tue, Oct. 4Porto 2, Bayer Leverkusen 0
Wed, Oct. 12Atletico Madrid vs. Club Brugge17:45 / 12:45
Wed, Oct. 12Bayer Leverkusen vs. Porto20:00 / 15:00
Wed, Oct. 26Club Brugge vs. Porto17:45 / 12:45
Wed, Oct. 26Atletico Madrid vs. Bayer Leverkusen20:00 / 15:00
Tue, Nov. 1Porto vs. Atletico Madrid17:45 / 13:45
Tue, Nov. 1Bayer Leverkusen vs. Club Brugge17:45 / 13:45

Group C Table

1. Bayern Munich93300909
2. Inter Milan63210321
3. Barcelona33120541
4. Viktoria Plzen03030112-11

Group C Schedule

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DateMatchTime (BST / ET)
Wed, Sept. 7Inter Milan 0, Bayern Munich 2
Wed, Sept. 7Barcelona 5, Viktoria Plzen 1
Tue, Sept. 13Viktoria Plzen 0, Inter Milan 2
Tue, Sept. 13Bayern Munich 2, Barcelona 0
Tue, Oct. 4Bayern Munich 5, Viktoria Plzen 0
Tue, Oct. 4Inter Milan 1, Barcelona 0
Wed, Oct. 12Barcelona vs. Inter Milan20:00 / 15:00
Wed, Oct. 12Viktoria Plzen vs. Bayern Munich20:00 / 15:00
Wed, Oct. 26Inter Milan vs. Viktoria Plzen17:45 / 12:45
Wed, Oct. 26Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich20:00 / 15:00
Tue, Nov. 1Bayern Munich vs. Inter Milan20:00 / 16:00
Tue, Nov. 1Viktoria Plzen vs. Barcelona20:00 / 16:00

Group D Table

1. Sporting CP63210642
2. Tottenham43111220
3. Eintracht Frankfurt4311113-2
4. Marseille33120440

Group D Schedule

DateMatchTime (BST / ET)
Wed, Sept. 7Eintracht Frankfurt 0, Sporting CP 3
Wed, Sept. 7Tottenham 2, Marseille 0
Tue, Sept. 13Sporting CP 2, Tottenham 0
Tue, Sept. 13Marseille 0, Eintracht Frankfurt 1
Tue, Oct. 4Marseille 4, Sporting CP 1
Tue, Oct. 4Eintracht Frankfurt 0, Tottenham 0
Wed, Oct. 12Tottenham vs. Eintracht Frankfurt20:00 / 15:00
Wed, Oct. 12Sporting CP vs. Marseille20:00 / 15:00
Wed, Oct. 26Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Marseille20:00 / 15:00
Wed, Oct. 26Tottenham vs. Sporting CP20:00 / 15:00
Tue, Nov. 1Marseille vs. Tottenham20:00 / 16:00
Tue, Nov. 1Sporting CP vs. Eintracht Frankfurt20:00 / 16:00

Group E Table

1. RB Salzburg53102321
2. Chelsea43111422
3. AC Milan4210145-1
4. Dinamo Zagreb3312024-2

Group E Schedule

DateMatchTime (BST / ET)
Tue, Sept. 6Dinamo Zagreb 1, Chelsea 0
Tue, Sept. 6RB Salzburg 1, AC Milan 1
Wed, Sept. 14AC Milan 3, Dinamo Zagreb 1
Wed, Sept. 14Chelsea 1, RB Salzburg 1
Wed, Oct. 5RB Salzburg 1, Dinamo Zagreb 0
Wed, Oct. 5Chelsea 3, AC Milan 0
Tue, Oct. 11AC Milan vs. Chelsea20:00 / 15:00
Tue, Oct. 11Dinamo Zagreb vs. RB Salzburg20:00 / 15:00
Tue, Oct. 25RB Salzburg vs. Chelsea17:45 / 12:45
Tue, Oct. 25Dinamo Zagreb vs. AC Milan20:00 / 15:00
Wed, Nov. 2AC Milan vs. RB Salzburg20:00 / 16:00
Wed, Nov. 2Chelsea vs. Dinamo Zagreb20:00 / 16:00

Group F Table

1. Real Madrid93300716
2. Shakhtar Donetsk43111642
3. RB Leipzig3312047-3
4. Celtic1302127-5

Group F Schedule

DateMatchTime (BST / ET)
Tue, Sept. 6RB Leipzig 1, Shakhtar Donetsk 4
Tue, Sept. 6Celtic 0, Real Madrid 3
Wed, Sept. 14Shakhtar Donetsk 1, Celtic 1
Wed, Sept. 14Real Madrid 2, RB Leipzig 0
Wed, Oct. 5RB Leipzig 3, Celtic 1
Wed, Oct. 5Real Madrid 2, Shakhtar Donetsk 1
Tue, Oct. 11Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Real Madrid20:00 / 15:00
Tue, Oct. 11Celtic vs. RB Leipzig20:00 / 15:00
Tue, Oct. 25Celtic vs. Shakhtar Donetsk20:00 / 15:00
Tue, Oct. 25RB Leipzig vs. Real Madrid20:00 / 15:00
Wed, Nov. 2Real Madrid vs. Celtic17:45 / 13:45
Wed, Nov. 2Shakhtar Donetsk vs. RB Leipzig17:45 / 13:45

Group G Table

1. Manchester City9330011110
2. Borussia Dortmund63210835
3. Sevilla1302118-7
4. FC Copenhagen1302108-8

Group G Schedule

DateMatchTime (BST / ET)
Tue, Sept. 6Borussia Dortmund 3, FC Copenhagen 0
Tue, Sept. 6Sevilla 0, Manchester City 4
Wed, Sept. 14FC Copenhagen 0, Sevilla 0
Wed, Sept. 14Manchester City 2, Borussia Dortmund 1
Wed, Oct. 5Sevilla 1, Borussia Dortmund 4
Wed, Oct. 5Manchester City 5, FC Copenhagen 0
Tue, Oct. 11FC Copenhagen vs. Manchester City17:45 / 12:45
Tue, Oct. 11Borussia Dortmund vs. Sevilla20:00 / 15:00
Tue, Oct. 25Sevilla vs. FC Copenhagen17:45 / 12:45
Tue, Oct. 25Borussia Dortmund vs. Manchester City20:00 / 15:00
Wed, Nov. 2FC Copenhagen vs. Borussia Dortmund20:00 / 16:00
Wed, Nov. 2Manchester City vs. Sevilla20:00 / 16:00

Group H table

1. PSG73201633
2. Benfica73201523
3. Juventus33120550
4. Maccabi Haifa0303028-6

Group H schedule

DateMatchTime (BST / ET)
Tue, Sept. 6PSG 2, Juventus 1
Tue, Sept. 6Benfica 2, Maccabi Haifa 0
Wed, Sept. 14Juventus 1, Benfica 2
Wed, Sept. 14Maccabi Haifa 1, PSG 3
Wed, Oct. 5Juventus 3, Maccabi Haifa 1
Wed, Oct. 5Benfica 1, PSG 1
Tue, Oct. 11Maccabi Haifa vs. Juventus17:45 / 12:45
Tue, Oct. 11PSG vs. Benfica20:00 / 15:00
Tue, Oct. 25PSG vs. Maccabi Haifa20:00 / 15:00
Tue, Oct. 25Benfica vs. Juventus20:00 / 15:00
Wed, Nov. 2Maccabi Haifa vs. Benfica20:00 / 16:00
Wed, Nov. 2Juventus vs. PSG20:00 / 16:00

 Round of 16

On Monday, November 7, 2022, just days after the end of the group stage on Wednesday, November 2, the round of 16 draws will be placed.

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In this round, no two national teams from the same country can be paired against each other.

Match1st Leg2nd LegAggregate
TBDTues, Feb 14Tues, Mar 7
TBDTues, Feb 14Tues, Mar 7
TBDWed, Feb 15Wed, Mar 8
TBDWed, Feb 15Wed, Mar 8
TBDTues, Feb 21Tues, Mar 14
TBDTues, Feb 21Tues, Mar 14
TBDWed, Feb 22Wed, Mar 15
TBDWed, Feb 22Wed, Mar 15

UEFA Champions League 2022 FIXTURES

On Friday, March 17, 2023, following the determination of the winners of Round 16, a quarterfinal draw will be placed to decide the remaining participants in the elimination rounds leading up to the championship game.

In contrast to the Sweet 16, no seeding is involved in that draw, and teams from the same country might be pitted against one another.

Match1st Leg2nd LegAggregate
TBDTues, April 11Tues, April 18
TBDTues, April 11Tues, April 18
TBDWed, April 12Wed, April 19
TBDWed, April 12Wed, April 19


Match1st Leg2nd LegAggregate
TBDTues, May 9Tues, May 16
TBDWed, May 10Wed, May 17

UEFA Champions League 2022 RESULT & WINNER


DateMatchTime (BST / ET)
Sat, June 10Semifinal winners20:00 / 15:00