‘Christopher’ box office collection Day 1,2,3,4,5 Worldwide

‘Christopher’ box office collection:Christopher, starring Mammootty, is off to a good start in Kerala. On the tenth day, Christopher Movie made an estimated 0.20 crore.’Christopher,’ premiered in theatres on February 9, received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Although the film did not turn out to be as poor as the Udaykrishna-B Unnikrishnan duo’s previous film ‘Aaraattu,’ ‘Christopher’ was claimed to have a weak storyline that could not garner much traction from the public.

‘Christopher’ is directed by B Unnikrishnan and written by Udaykrishna. The film is billed as an investigative thriller and focuses on the narrative of the principal character Christopher, a vigilante cop portrayed by superstar Mammootty.Manoj edited the film ‘Christopher,’ directed by Faiz Siddik. Music for the film was composed by Justin Varghese.

‘Christopher’ box office collection

Many films have rehashed the subject of taking the law into one’s own hands. Mammootty’s Christopher, directed by B. Unnikrishnan’s second collaboration with writer Udayakrishna, is no exception.

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Christopher is an action thriller that promises to capture the ‘life of a vigilante officer.’ On the other hand, the gruesome encounter killings are videotaped in a shockingly detailed manner that might be difficult to watch.

Mammootty, who portrays a police officer named Christopher, shoots anyone out of nowhere because he feels the system is faulty and requires major reform. He is an encounter expert who heads the Department for the Prevention of Crimes Against Women (DPCAW). When he believes that the person accused of sexual harassment will not go unpunished, he takes command and murders them. Within half an hour of the film’s start, he kills four teenagers suspected of raping and killing a lady. Soon later, a committee was formed to examine the alleged encounter.

Most of the frames, whether necessary by the storyline or not, center on Mammootty. Many filmmakers succumb to the celebrity of their leading man, and Unnikrishnan similarly trusts the star, even if the plot is tossed out the window.

While the film’s first half appears to be a superb thriller, the second half is mainly predictable. That would have been OK if the narrative hadn’t been so lousy and the execution so terrible.

Sulekha (Amala Paul), Ameena (Aishwarya Lakshmi), and Bina (Sneha), the female roles, are relegated to token service. Christopher is a ladies’ guy; he is not the kind to let female characters flourish. Forget about the characterization; the film gets rid of him the first chance it gets. Christopher treats women disrespectfully in a film about denying justice to women.

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Crimes against women and custodial executions are recurring themes in the film. You may lose track of the number of encounters after a pause. Yet, the rationale for taking such drastic actions in the blink of an eye remains a mystery until the end.

According to the Malayalam superstar’s earlier films – Rorschach and Nanpakal Neerathu Mayakkam – Mammootty has established a propensity for surprising his audience with unexpected and gripping plots. Yet Christopher isn’t nearly the joyful surprise one might expect.

'Christopher' box office collection Day 1,2,3,4,5 Worldwide
‘Christopher’ box office collection Day 1,2,3,4,5 Worldwide

Christopher Box Office Collection – Day 1 –

Kerala – 1.70 Crore Gross

Day 2 –

Kerala – 0.80 Crore Gross

Day 3 –

Kerala – 0.90 Crore Gross

Day 4 –

Kerala – 1.10 Crore Gross

Day 5 –

Kerala – 0.45 Crore Gross

Day 6 –

Kerala – 0.50 Crore Gross

Day 7 –

Kerala – 0.45 Crore Gross

Day 8 –

Kerala – 0.40 Crore Gross

Day 9 –

Kerala – 0.15 Crore Gross

Day 10 –

Kerala – 0.20 Crore Gross

Total Collection

Kerala – 6.65 Crores in gross revenue

Globally – around 11 Crores of gross

Christopher Screen Count – 350+ Screens

Christopher Hit Or Flop – Movie Review – Disaster

Christopher movie budget – approx. 20 crore

More about the Film –

B. Unnikrishnan directed the film

Written by Udaykrishna

Produced by B. Unnikrishnan



Vinay Rai

R. Sarath Kumar


Amala Paul

Aishwarya Rai

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