Pokemon Unite Halloween Update Patch Notes Pikachu Buffs and Zapdos Nerfs

Pokemon Unite Halloween Update Patch Notes: Pokemon Unite is a new game of Pokemon in which you get very good graphics and good targets to complete, you can enjoy this game on your Android phone, laptop or iPhone.Pokemon Unite is an action game that has been launched recently. In this game, you have to eliminate the enemy by taking any five characters.

When you eliminate them you get points and only by increasing these points you can pass the level in this game.Pokemon Unite Game is developed by TiMi Studio Group or published by the Pokemon Company. The Pokemon company has worked hard in making this game and after many years of hard work, this game has been launched and now the company has released the Pokemon Unite Halloween Update

Pokemon Unite Halloween Update

The Pokemon Unite Halloween Festival update is out now as the Pokemon-themed MOBA is celebrating spooky season with a range of new skins and items to purchase as part of its new Pokemon Unite Halloween Update

Pokemon Unite Halloween Update Patch Notes Pikachu Buffs and Zapdos Nerfs

Pokemon buffs:


  • Thunder: Damage increased.
  • Volt Tackle: Damage increased.


  • Amnesia: Cool-down reduced.
  • Amnesia: HP recovery increased.


  • Level 5: After reaching level 5, Gengar will now recover HPevery time it deals special damage. The health you recover will be based on the number of damage inflicted on opponents.

Pokemon nerfs


  • Hydro Pump: Damage decreased.
  • Hydro Typhoon: Damage decreased .
  • Water Spout: Cool-down reduced.


  • Attack Stat: Has been reduced.
  • Steadfast: Activation frequency has been reduced.
  • Aura Cannon: Fixed a bug where Aura Cannon dealt more damage after being used after Power-Up Punch.


  • Basic Attack: Attack speed has been increased.
  • Dragon Rush: Damage has been increased.
  • Rough Skin: Adjustments made to activation delay

Pokemon balances


  • Giga Drain: HP recovery decreased.
  • Giga Drain: Damage reduction Venusaur receives after uses of Giga Drain has been decreased.
  • Solar Beam: Damage increased.

Pokemon Unite- Patch Notes Today 22 October 2021

The Pokemon Unite game was launched on 21 July 2021 and launched this game in Android version on 22 September 2021. Recently this game is available in beta version and if you want to download this game then you can download it from its official website or you can also do it from play store and now you guys can check the Pokemon Unite Halloween Update

To play the Pokemon unite game, you have to understand about its basic rules.Before playing this game, you can also do your training in it. In training, you are explained about each and every rule of this game, when you complete the training, then you can enjoy playing this game with great ease.

In this game you have to choose 5 characters and five characters live in the enemy’s army and there is a war between the two and you have to win in the war.When you get injured during combat, a limit is set for you, when you come within that limit, your health starts recovering. When your health recovers, you can go to war again, in this way you can win the battle of this game and enjoy the game by crossing your level. So you see it’s fun and now you can have fun with Pokemon Unite Halloween Update

Steps to Install Pokemon Unite

Guys, Pokemon Unite is shown in the Play Store of many mobile phones but it is not showing in the Play Store for many mobiles, so if Pokemon Unite is showing in your Play Store, then you can do it easily through some steps and can download it and it will now come with Pokemon Unite Halloween Update

  • First of all open play store in your mobile and search by typing Pokemon Unite in play store
  • As soon as you type Pokemon Unite game in the search box, you see Pokemon Unite game, click on the install option.
  • As soon as you click on the install option, it starts downloading in your mobile and will be installed automatically.

Guys, when the Pokemon unite game is installed in your mobile phone, then open it, after opening an update comes in front of you, which should be updated.If you have WiFi to update then this work gets done very easily and quickly but if you want to download this update from mobile itself then your internet should be better.

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