BGMI M7 Royal Pass Release Date, Price, All RP Rewards,New Features

BGMI M7 Royal Pass Release Date: The new BGMI M7 will have new features, rewards, companions, and modes. The upcoming BGMI M7 update will include new 50 RP Outfits and Frames. Also, the next BGMI M7 update will be inspired by Holi, so expect a plethora of colourful skins, outfits, and accessories. The BGMI M7 Royal Pass Release Date has been leaked. After the BGMI M6 Season concludes, the new royal pass (BGMI M7) will be released.The BGMI Players who are eagerly Waiting for the New Gun Skins,Outfits and Rewards can now see What is Coming in BGMI M7 Royal Pass Latest Update.

According to the official M6 ROYAL PASS, it will expire on January 20, 2022, at 05:29 a.m. (IST). The New BGMI M7 Royal Pass Will Be Available On January 20th, 2022 at 07:29 AM After 2 Hours Of RP Lock (IST) In addition, the Rank Push might begin at the same time.

BGMI M7 Royale Pass Release Date

A new BGMI update will be issued in the following days, and it will be available for Android users. To obtain a rating in the new season, the player must purchase a Royal Pass. Unlike Free Fire, the BGMI Royal Pass rotates twice a season. A season of BGMI lasts two months, while the game’s Royal Pass is only suitable for one month. So, if the M6 RP was officially released on December 20th, 2021, it will expire on January 19th or January 20th. If the speculation is correct, Krafton will introduce the BGMI M7 Royal Pass on January 20th, 2021.

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New Events in PUBG Mobile/BGMI

BGMI/PUBG Mobile makers have a slew of events planned for the game’s upcoming season. According to media sources, PUBG Mobile and BGMI are planning to partner with various influencers, companies, and games in the future. Squid Game is a popular game with which BGMI is planning to work. Yes, Squid Game modes and events will be added shortly.

Aside from Squid Game, the makers of BGMI are gearing up to collaborate with Marvel Studios, who have just released their much-anticipated film Spider-Man: No Way Home. Aside from these events, the creators have a slew of other activities planned for their millions of followers.

BGMI M7 Royal Pass Rumoured Rewards

The M6 Royal Pass was excellent in every way. However, the impending M7 Royal Pass has everything in place to delight BGMI aficionados. The price of the M7 Royal Pass is the primary reason, and the rumoured price for the Royal Pass is supposed to be relatively low. If you’re wondering how low the pricing might be, we have an idea. According to the previously obtained information, players will need to spend 360 UC to get the Elite Royal Pass, and if they want an elite one, they will need to pay close to 960 UC and be rewarded with the Elite Royal Pass plus.

A gift card worth 60 UC will be credited to the players’ accounts, regardless of which Royal Pass they choose to purchase and use. And there’s more to the M7 Royal Pass than that. If the players achieve a rating of 30 or above during the season, they will receive an additional incentive. The prizes will be 60 UC, which may be saved and used to purchase the next M8 Royal Pass, which will be available in February 2022.

PUBG Mobile Month 7 Tier Wise Rewards

Bronze Tier reward10 Silver fragments
Silver Tier rewardC1S3 Mask
Gold Tier RewardOutfit C1S3 Set
Platinum Tier RewardC1S3 Cover
Diamond Tier RewardC1S3- DBS Shotgun skin
Crown Tier Reward3 Tier Protection card
Ace Tier RewardC1SE Ace parachute
Ace Master Tier RewardClassic Create coupon scrap
Ace Dominator Tier RewardC1S3 Ace dominator avatar
Conqueror Tier RewardC1S3 Conqueror Avatar Frame

PUBG Mobile or BGMI C2S4 M7 RP Leaks: New Outfits

RP1Goth Aviator Set
DP28 skin: Midnight Lantern
RP5Goth Aviator Cover
RP10Gold Porcelain Helmet
RP15Stun Grenade skin
R50 Avatar
RP20Accessory Ornament
RP30Gold Porcelain Bike Skin
RP40Golden Jade: M16A4 Skin
RP50Desert Warrior Set
  • This time around, one player will obtain the Goth Aviator Set at RP1. It isn’t something ordinary, but it also doesn’t look too horrible. They will also provide the gamers with the Midnight Lantern DP28 skin.
  • At RP5, players will be awarded the Goth Aviator Cover, the headpiece for the RP1 costume.
  • The Gold Porcelain Helmet, which looks fantastic, is provided by RP10. It is an excellent match for the RP50 outfit, which the players would obtain later in the game.
  • At RP15, players will receive the avatar for the clothing they will receive at RP50 and a Stun Grenade skin with gold flecks.
  • We’ll get a lovely ornament for RP20 that may be used as an accessory on any bag.
  • RP30 grants the players the Gold Porcelain badges bike skin. It’s for a two-seater motorbike and looks fantastic.
  • Players will be able to purchase a golden jade M16A4 skin for RP40. It looks fantastic and has an appealing style.
  • Finally, at RP50, users will receive the Desert Warrior Set, with an avatar icon granted at RP30.

In addition to the prizes for those who purchase the Royale Pass, there will be standard rewards for those who do not. It contains silver, crate coupons, a free emote, an outfit, and a gun skin. The goods, as mentioned earlier, will be available for redemption by completing the same tasks as the Royale Pass during a 4-week cycle with new missions every week.

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