T20 World Cup Schedule 2021 Check All Match dates, Venue and Timings

ICC T20 World Cup Schedule 2021 Match Date: The T20 world cup schedule 2021 has been announced and according to the T20 World Cup 2021 schedule, India and Pakistan will face each other in Dubai on 24 October 2021. Before this, Round 1 will be played between 8 teams including Sri Lanka-Bangladesh. Out of which 4 teams will qualify for Super 12. In the World Cup, first 8 teams will play Super 8 matches from 17 October to 23 October, after which the top 4 teams will qualify for Super 12.

Now if we talk about the group of Super 12, then in group 1, Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies, winner A1 and winner B2 are named, in the second group India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Afghanistan, winner B1 and winner A2 is included.

ICC T20 World Cup 2021

The T20 World 2021 began on 17 October  with a Round 1 match between Oman and Papua New Guinea, which Oman won by 10 wickets. The ICC had released the full T20 World Cup schedule  which is divided into 2 parts – the first round for Group A and Group B matches and the Super 12 for the final teams.

Live T20 World Cup Score

The Super 12 stage is scheduled to begin from 23 October with the first match between the two Group 1 teams – Australia vs South Africa at the Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi. India will begin their T20 World Cup campaign with the much-awaited match against Pakistan on October 24. Both the teams are part of Group 2.

T20 World Cup Schedule 2021 Check All Match dates, Venue and Timings

ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Highlights

Organizer of T20International Cricket Council (ICC)
Name of the competitionT20 World Cup 2021
First Match Date17th October 2021
Last Match Date14th November 2021
Matches Played45 Matches
LocationUAE, Oman

T20 World Cup Tournament 2021 match date

The ICC released the T20 world cup schedule to be held in UAE and OmanThe Super 12 of T20 World Cup 2021 is divided into Group 1 and Group 2. Apart from India, Pakistan in Group 2, New Zealand, Afghanistan are included. Whereas the remaining two teams in both the groups will be selected through Round 1 qualifiers.

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Indian team India has not won a single ICC trophy so far under the captain ship of Virat Kohli and this time the Indian team will try to win the ICC T20 World Cup for the first time since 2007, so guys enjoy the cricket matches in this festive season if you are from India. Check T20 world cup schedule 2021 which is mentioned below in the table.

T20 world cup matches schedule 2021

Match‌ number‌DateMatch‌TimeVenueStage‌
117-10-2021Oman vs. Papua New Guinea03:30MuscatRound‌- 1
217-10-2021Bangladesh vs Scotland07:30MuscatRound‌- 1
318-10-2021Ireland vs Netherlands03:30Abu DhabiRound‌- 1
418-10-2021Sri Lanka vs. Namibia07:30Abu Dhabi iRound‌- 1
519-10-2021Scotland vs Papua New Guinea03:30MuscatRound‌- 1
619-10-2021Oman vs Bangladesh07:30MuscatRound‌- 1
720-10-2021Namibia vs. Netherlands03:30Abu DhabiRound‌ 1
820-10-2021Sri Lanka vs. Ireland‌07:30Abu DhabiRound‌ 1
921-10-2021Bangladesh vs Papua New Guinea03:30MuscatRound‌ 1
1021-10-2021Oman vs. Scotland07:30MuscatRound‌ 1
1122-10-2021Namibia vs. Ireland‌03:30Abu DhabiRound‌ 1
1222-10-2021Sri Lanka vs. Netherlands07:30Abu DhabiRound‌ 1
1323-10-2021Australia vs. South Africa03:30Abu DhabiSuper‌ 12
1423-10-2021England vs West Indies07:30Abu DhabiSuper‌ 12
1524-10-2021A1 vs B203:30SharjahSuper‌ 12
1624-10-2021India vs. Pakistan‌07:30DubaiSuper‌ 12
1725-10-2021Afghanistan vs. B107:30 SharjahSuper‌ 12
1826-10-2021South Africa vs. West Indies03:30DubaiSuper‌ 12
1926-10-2021 Pakistan vs New Zealand07:30SharjahSuper‌ 12
2027-10-2021England vs. B203:30Abu Dhabi Super‌ 12
2127-10-2021B1 vs. A207:30Abu Dhabi Super‌ 12
22 28-10-2021Australia vs. A107:30DubaiSuper‌ 12
2329-10-2021West Indies vs B203:30SharjahSuper‌ 12
2429-10-2021Afghanistan vs Pakistan07:30DubaiSuper‌ 12
2530-10-2021South Africa vs. A103:30SharjahSuper‌ 12
2630-10-2021England vs Australia,07:30DubaiSuper‌ 12
2731-10-2021Afghanistan vs A203:30Abu DhabiSuper‌ 12
2831-10-2021India vs. New Zealand‌07:30DubaiSuper‌ 12
2901-11-2021England vs A107:30SharjahSuper‌ 12
3002-11-2021South Africa vs. B203:30Abu DhabiSuper‌ 12
3102-11-2021Pakistan vs A207:30Abu DhabiSuper‌ 12
3203-11-2021New Zealand‌ vs. B103:30DubaiSuper‌ 12
3303-11-2021India vs. Afghanistan‌07:30Abu DhabiSuper‌ 12
3404-11-2021Australia vs. B203:30DubaiSuper‌ 12
3504-11-2021West Indies vs A107:30Abu DhabiSuper‌ 12
3605-11-2021New Zealand‌ vs. A203:30SharjahSuper‌ 12
3705-11-2021India vs. B107:30DubaiSuper‌ 12
3806-11-2021Australia vs. West Indies‌03:30Abu DhabiSuper‌ 12
3906-11-2021England vs South Africa07:30SharjahSuper‌ 12
4007-11-2021New Zealand vs. Afghanistan03:30Abu DhabiSuper‌ 12
4107-11-2021Pakistan vs B107:30SharjahSuper‌ 12
4208-11-2021India vs. A207:30DubaiSuper‌ 12
4310-11- 2021Semi-Final-107:30Abu DhabiPlay off
4411-11- 2021Semifinal-207:30DubaiPlayoff
4514-11- 2021Final‌07:30DubaiFinal‌
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