Das Ka Dhamki Review, Box Office Collection Day 1,2,3,4 Worldwide

Das Ka Dhamki Review, Box Office Collection Day 1,2,3,4 :Actor-director Vishwak Sen’s new Telugu film, Das ka Dhamki, features a narrative that takes on several forms to satisfy as many audiences as possible. It aspires to be several different genres at once, including a lighthearted romance, a comedy built on clever wordplay, an underdog narrative featuring a protagonist from the lower middle class, and a suspenseful drama. How well does it perform?

Das Ka Dhamki Telugu Movie Story

After directing the Telugu version of Angamaly Diaries, Falaknuma Das, this is Vishwak’s second feature film. At the beginning of Das ka Dhamki, we meet Krishna Das (Vishwak Sen), our unremarkable protagonist. He works in a five-star hotel with his two best friends, Hyper Aadhi and Mahesh Achanta, whom he affectionately calls “amma” and “nana” because they have been there for him since he was a youngster. The comedy is consistent, and the story never takes itself too seriously, currently, no.

Das Ka Dhamki Review, Box Office Collection Day 1,2,3,4 Worldwide
Das Ka Dhamki Review, Box Office Collection Day 1,2,3,4 Worldwide

The gang keeps getting told that they are ‘footpath’ people. They strive to live extravagantly, much like the wealthy guests at the hotel, by deceiving others and stretching the truth. As Keerthy (Nivetha Pethuraj) enters the scene, Das is eager to maintain the charade for longer than originally planned. For a time, the picture stays in the zone of a breezy romance sprinkled with Hyper Aadhi and Mahesh’s silly quips, and these sections, while not sophisticated, pack in fair enjoyment.

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Customers showing disdain is parred for the course, but a customer goes too far one day. Deepthi, his manager (Akshara Gowda), is cold and unfeeling. Disappointed, he and his pals plan to spend a day living like regular customers at the same hotel, complete with lavish spending. When he meets fashion student Keerthi (Nivetha Pethuraj), and she mistakes him for the CEO of a pharmaceutical company, his day of laziness quickly escalates into a carefully planned and executed lie. His life has been turned upside down by a string of unfortunate incidents. He realises that even if he achieves his lifelong goal, he still might not be treated with the esteem and appreciation he deserves.

Das Ka Dhamki Telugu Movie Review

Vishwak Sen (who gets director, screenplay, and dialogue credit) tries his hand at the “eat the wealthy” genre in the film Das Ka Dhamki, written by Prasanna Kumar Bezawada. The movie has the makings of a plot whose resolution should naturally leave you happy, but how it plays out only challenges your patience. Krishna Das (Vishwak Sen), an orphan who works as a server in a five-star hotel, has had it with the spoiled guests that frequent his establishment (Mahesh and Hyper Aadhi).

Leon James did a decent job scoring the film, and there were several enjoyable musical numbers. Thanks to Dinesh K. Babu’s sophisticated camerawork, the film looks excellent—poor quality editing. The quality of production is unreasonably high.

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Acting in and directing a film are two very demanding professions. Vishwaksen’s acting chops in Das Ka Dhamki were solid, but his directing left something to be desired. The potential is clear, but it wasn’t fully realised on screen. The plot twists are not just noticeable but also feel artificial. Carefulness was required in the second half. But the comedic effect Vishwaksen achieved is excellent.

Vishwak Sen stole Prasanna Kumar’s generic short tale from the Dhamaka magazine and rewrote it in his voice. The first half is exciting and enjoyable overall. The storyline revolving around Das and Keerthi’s budding romance is enjoyable. The hotel’s management team, led by Das, is fun. Occasionally, Aadi and Mahesh’s hyperactivity are a source of amusement.

Not everyone will enjoy Vishwak’s brand of humour. These bits, though, do provide some alleviation. The first act holds the promise of becoming a solid, family-friendly movie. On the other hand, the second half, which serves as a stark contrast, turns off viewers by taking them to a scary, unfamiliar place. The addition of Sanjay’s personality just makes things worse. In addition, many turns are just described verbally; they are not shown in any way. As a result, viewers get tired and uneasy.

To put it plainly, the second half is a huge letdown. It doesn’t work to have too many twists. Everything about a cancer cure, a new medication, and ten thousand crore rupees feels forced and unconvincing. Many previous films have exhausted the drug and professor plot. The grating party music at the end is a real test of endurance.

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Das Ka Dhamki is mildly amusing. The film’s first half is rather good, while the second half is mediocre. The tale is relatively straightforward, but several turns don’t make sense and don’t add anything to the story. Although entertaining, Vishwaksen falls short of the expectations it raises. Give the movie a go, but don’t get your hopes up too high.

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